About Author

Conrad Trump was born in October of 1961, the middle child of three, to his parents, Mary Lou and C. Samuel Trump.  With his two siblings, Charles and Kirsten, the family resided in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, where he still lives with a family of his own.

Conrad attended public school and graduated from Berkeley Springs High School in 1979. The class song that year was “Come Sail Away” by Styx, to which he still removes his hat when it comes on the radio. In the fall of 1979 Conrad and a dozen or so of his closest friends moved to Morgantown, West Virginia to attend WVU. He was present at what is now Milan Puskar Stadium, the home of his beloved Mountaineers, the day it opened in 1980. John Denver flew into town and sang “Country Roads” to the crowd before the game, a song to which again, Conrad still removes his hat when he hears it.

In 1983, having been a frequent recipient of the Dean’s List honors, Conrad earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from West Virginia University, (much to the surprise of the many of his old faculty at Berkeley Springs High School) and soon after secured employment with West Virginia’s Department of Corrections as a parole/probation officer in Buchannan, West Virginia.

In 1985 Conrad returned to Berkeley Springs to manage the local radio station, WCST. While working at the radio station Conrad took a second job as a child-care substitute at Timber Ridge School, a residential facility for troubled youths just across the Virginia state line. It was there he found his passion, and started a career in child-care that has spanned the last twenty-five years. Today he continues his work at Timber Ridge School as a teacher.

In 1997 Conrad enrolled in the Special Education Master’s Degree Program at Old Dominion University, where he earned his Master’s degree with a GPA of 3.98 (Got one stinking A-! To this day I swear my instructor tallied my grade incorrectly – but I’m not bitter.)

Conrad married Kim McBee in 1989, a local girl who was working in his brother’s law office. Together they have two wonderful children, Hilary and Shaun.

For twenty years Conrad has been writing fiction. To date he has had over fifty short stories published under the pen name, Chapin Shaw Tucker. Being that much of his fiction is dark, the pen name was used to keep his real name from being whispered in the grocery store checkout lines and in the hair salons of his small community town. (Now at age 53, he no longer cares!)

His stories have been published in book anthologies, print and web based magazines such as “Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine,” “Night Terrors Magazine,” and “Blue Murder Mystery Magazine.” He has received critical acclaim and twice received Honorable Mention in the “Best of the Web” annual competition for short fiction.

In addition to writing, Conrad is an accomplished, published, and award winning artist.  His paintings have been featured in both regional and national juried exhibitions.  Conrad is also a published photographer, specializing in sports photography and portraits. He is an outdoor enthusiast, and he is the very best bass angler in Morgan County in spite of what anyone else might say! (Hey, it’s my web site, I’ll call them like I see them! Thank you.)

Some of Conrad’s other interests include, reading, poker, the music of Meat Loaf, comic books, peperoni rolls, and of course Mountaineer Sports!

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