Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: High Peaks Publishing (February 18, 2018)

The High Road

Thomas David was a very bad man until he married Geri. For love, Thomas changed his ways, but when his wife disappeared with no warning and no explanation, his old demons reappeared. Unable to turn to the authorities for help because of his past, Thomas kidnaps a local psychic, Billy Guide, to help him find his beloved Geri. Together they embark on a journey of discovery and horror through the mountains of West Virginia, venturing deep into the very essence of time itself, searching for the woman to whom they are both bizarrely connected. Nothing is as it seems, and as the foundation of Thomas’ life begins to crumble, he comes to understand that his beliefs about his wife and his world were never true, and that the evil he has done will forever haunt his future. The High Road is a chilling tale that explores human savagery, laced with the supernatural flavor of a classic horror story in the tradition of H. P. Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson and Stephen King. It will leave Mr. Trump’s fans terrified, but unable to turn away. Only the bravest readers will dare travel The High Road!

Paperback: 292 pages
Publisher: High Peaks Publishing (September 7, 2015)


When world class snowboarding sensation Scott Locke returns to his home in West Virginia to be honored by the ski resort where he worked as a teenager, a freak accident costs him the opportunity to compete in the upcoming X-Games. Broken and distraught, the competition soon becomes a secondary consideration when Scott unwittingly releases a force that has been locked away for centuries, a force so powerful and dark that it threatens all mankind. Parisa is an ancient spirit; exotic, beautiful, and mysterious, yet out of place in today’s world. Scott must find a way to help her acclimate and nurture respect, love, and tolerance for humanity. The plan begins to backfire as Scott develops feelings for Parisa and he is drawn into her world of magic and power. In the face of great temptations, Scott must make the ultimate choice. He must decide to sacrifice his love for the sake of all mankind or give in to his passion and enjoy the riches and rewards of unlimited power.

Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: High Peaks Publishing (September 8, 2016)

Parisa II: Family Ties

After a heartrending tragedy, retired X Games gold medalist Scott Locke struggles to understand life. Despite the companionship and love of his powerful djinni, Parisa, Scott is unable to avert a life-changing catastrophe. As Scott adjusts to the changes, a mysterious, powerful djinni from Parisa’s past returns. She is controlled by a brutal master who quickly takes a liking to Parisa and will stop at nothing to gain control over her. To save Parisa, Scott must perform an ancient ritual that could end his life. Scott’s troubles don’t end there. Jena Colby’s star has risen. Scott’s longtime girlfriend has become the darling of the modeling industry. As Jena’s celebrity status increases, Scott begins to suspect that there’s something unnatural behind her remarkably swift rise to superstardom. But the truth of the situation is more frightening than he could have ever imagined. To save Jena, Scott must fight against the darkest, most powerful force of evil known to man. And he must do it without Parisa, whose magic is no match for the evil that Scott must face for Jena’s sake. To save the women he loves, Scott must rely on his athleticism, the morals instilled in him by his West Virginian upbringing, and the boyish charm, good looks and smile that make him Scott Locke.

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: High Peaks Publishing (October 31, 2019)

Parisa III: Let No Man

As his wedding to world famous supermodel Jena Colby draws near, freewheeling snowboarding star Scott Locke is determined to settle down and become the husband and dad that would have made his own late father proud. He also takes under his wing a young, aspiring snowboarder from his hometown of Elkins, West Virginia, who idolizes Scott and is in need of both a coach and a male role model, a partnership with consequences neither could have foreseen.Because just then the unthinkable happens! Scott is devastated by the mysterious loss of his other true love, his beautiful spirit-partner Parisa, whose unlimited powers could be devastating should they fall into the wrong hands. His obsessive and unsuccessful search for Parisa consumes his being and begins to drive a wedge between himself and his fianceé. Also damaged by Scott’s withdrawal is his mother, Sandy. In an attempt to compensate and find purpose in her own life again, Sandy, against her better judgment, takes on a new secret project that rapidly escapes her power to control.As everything in his life begins to unravel, and new dangers threaten to hurt all the people he loves, Scott must find a way to re-establish control of his damaged world and protect those in it before it becomes too late.