Short Stories

“Why won’t anyone believe me?” Gretchen asked.

“Show me!”  Professor Swink said.  The impatience at having his lecture interrupted showed on his face.  There was a depth to the wrinkles between his eyebrows that the class had never before seen.  It was a look that had previously been reserved for his ex-wife alone.  She was the last person to aggravate him so deeply.

The professor took out his own set of Acrylic paints, shoved it in front of Gretchen and again shouted, “show me,” to his student.

Gretchen was a tiny sprig of a girl who barely took up half a seat.  She was uncomfortable with the emotional response that she had provoked in the professor, but she was not intimidated by it. >>>

We hope to have more Short Stories available soon. Thank-you!